Section 6 2015 update

Changes and developments in Building Standards

Section 6 2015 update

Postby jpaPHPbbAdmin » Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:38 am

2015 05 13 We have now nearly completed the BRE approval process for the Section 6 update to SAP 2012. The XML files have been checked by BRE and we expect to complete the software check soon.

2015 01 29 Development work on the JPA Designer SAP 2012 module has been continuing. Following the release of a set of test examples for Scotland by BRE we have been working to implement the new TER standards and associated compliance checks. At we have progressed as far as we can with development and have several queries which we have raised with BRE. BRE and JPA TL are now waiting for clarification from Scottish Building Standards on those issues.
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