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Determining the cause of EPC lodgement failures

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:58 pm
by Support
We are ready to investigate EPC lodgement attempts which fail, but in order to do so we need the following:

  • The accreditation scheme through which you are lodging.
  • The country you are lodging for: one of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
  • The version and build of JPA Designer which you are using: for example version 6.01a1 build 018. (When lodgement systems change the build number can be very significant.)
  • The JPA Designer project file for the dwelling. If there are several dwellings in the same project please tell us which one has failed.
  • The message returned by the register when the lodgement fails (the return value). This is vital, as it gives the point on which the lodgement failed. Follow the instructions below to obtain the return value.

To find the return value:

  1. In the JPA Designer Project Manager window go to the EPC menu and select EPC Request Management.
  2. When the EPC Request Management dialogue opens click once on the failed lodgement in the list (see screenshot below).
  3. Click View returned value. The Lodgement Return Values dialogue opens, showing the message received from the register.
  4. Click Copy to clipboard, then OK.
  5. Open your email program and create a new email to
  6. Paste the message into the email.

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